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How Our Odor Elimination System Works

The molecules of Giant Odor Control products wrap themselves around the molecules of the bad odor, thereby depriving them of H2O and thus eliminating them. In such an environment, the bacteria die! The result is the elimination of unwanted organic odors.
The Giant Enterprises dispensing system is NON-AEROSOL the spray is NON-TOXIC, free of CFC’s, environmentally friendly, ozone safe, NON-HAZARDOUS , and safe for human inhalation.

What Causes Odor?

Every living thing is composed of billions of microscopically minute molecules. These molecules have a finite life span and will eventually die, returning to a natural state. In the process, the decomposing molecules create their own parasitic odor causing molecules consisting of oxygen, water and bacteria. As these bacteria thrive in the water of the host molecule, feeding and decomposing matter and oxygen, they emit a gaseous odor, which is nature’s way of telegraphing the decomposition process. This is what you smell.

Safe, Green & Incredibly Clean

Giant Odor Elimination products wrap around odor molecules, getting to the root of the issue by killing the bacteria causing the bad odor. Our system is a safe and environmentally friendly way to take care of bad smells and offensive odors.

Odor Eliminator System

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