Trash Compactors

Trash Compactor & Container Sales, Installation and Repair

Giant can consult with a new build or an existing building to install correctly sized trash compactors, containers, hoppers and cart caddies. We have expert technicians to provide troubleshooting, repair and maintenance services to keep you in operation. Preventative maintenance programs are offered to keep your equipment in excellent condition.

As a full-service vendor, we can provide temporary containers while your compactor is being repaired. We fabricate and weld damaged sections of compactors, such as casters, and pads.

Trash Compactor

Trust Us to Solve Common Problems in Compactors

  • Photo eye or interlocked switches are out of alignment
  • Broken hoses, or leaking cylinders
  • Valves or pump failures
  • Lost/broken keys for power boxes
  • Circuit Board failures
  • Broken casters/plates on containers

Sales and Service

Giant provides a Compactor Maintenance Program that consists of both odor control and equipment maintenance to address the specific needs of compactors. Every six months, a Giant Technician inspects, makes adjustments and repairs items that can hinder a compactor’s performance. Everything from gauges and switches to hydraulics are maintained to peak operating efficiencies.

Rubbish Chute

Professional Chute, Containers, Trash Room & Trash Pad Cleaning

Giant provides Chute cleaning services to mitigate germs and bacteria. Our experts begin every project with an initial pre-treatment to loosen build-up. Our staff then performs pressure cleaning of the Chute and the trash room to sanitize and eliminate bacteria. To top it off, our experts hand clean and polish intake doors on every floor, paying attention to the last detail.

Trash Chute Cleaning Before


Trash Chute Cleaning After


Trash Chute Cleaning



Health Concerns By Not Cleaning Your Trash Chute, Compactor or Compactor Pad

Bacteria, germs, food waste, oils and odors build up in your trash disposal systems causing health risks to your residents or building occupants. Rodents and pests can also be attracted to these areas. Trash Chute Cleaning should be done on a regular basis to maintain their cleanliness as well as being free from any odor or pests.

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