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Professional Trash Chute Installation, Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair

Multi-Family or Commercial Businesses whose operations include Trash Chutes, Linen Chutes or Recycling Chutes have a big ally in Giant. We have the expertise to sell and install new chutes to General Contractors in new construction.

We provide services to repair all sections of Chutes, Chute doors and vent caps in an existing building. Preventative maintenance programs are offered to keep your chutes in excellent condition. Even if your chute becomes clogged, we can help.

We offer free Chute inspections to ensure that your Chutes meet current Fire Code standards for the safety of your residents and tenants, to avoid costly fines.

Trash Chutes

Examples of Chute Installation and Repairs:

New Trash Chute Door

Repaired Chute Section and Discharge Door

Broken Handle Trash Chute

Broken Chute Door Handle

New Trash Chute Door

New Chute Discharge Door

Trust us to solve Common Problems in Chutes

  • Intake doors not self-closing or self-latching.
  • Broken latches & handles will impede function and could be a fire code issue.
  • Broken closures could be a pinch hazard, especially for children.
  • Missing or broken fusible link on discharge door in trash room could also be a fire code issue.
  • Trash Chute clogs – we can’t prevent somebody throwing their golf clubs down after a bad round, but we can eliminate the clog!
  • Chute separation from heavy objects being thrown down.

We Help Our Clients Go From This:

Broken Trash Chute
Failed Trash Chute

To This:

Trash Chute Repair
Chute Repair

Professional Chute, Containers, Trash Room & Trash Pad Cleaning

Giant provides Chute cleaning services to mitigate germs and bacteria. Our experts begin every project with an initial pre-treatment to loosen build-up. Our staff then performs pressure cleaning of the Chute and the trash room to sanitize and eliminate bacteria. To top it off, our experts hand clean and polish intake doors on every floor, paying attention to the last detail.

Trash Chute Cleaning Before


Trash Chute Cleaning After


Trash Chute Cleaning



Health Concerns By Not Cleaning Your Trash Chute, Compactor or Compactor Pad

Bacteria, germs, food waste, oils and odors build up in your trash disposal systems causing health risks to your residents or building occupants. Rodents and pests can also be attracted to these areas. Trash Chute Cleaning should be done on a regular basis to maintain their cleanliness as well as being free from any odor or pests.

“Ryan inspected the trash chutes here at the View at Chastain. He found that the trash cute door was not closing properly. He fixed it quickly after talking with the property manager. Great service and friendly.”

5 Star Review

Richard Coleman

“I contracted Giant to do our trash chute cleaning at Trace Mid town and they did an amazing job!! Everyone for Blair scheduling our cleaning to Paul Robinson and his team coming in to clean!! This team is the real deal and will definitely be contacting them again for all my properties!”

5 Star Review

Patrick Rodriguez

“My building uses this company for trash chute cleaning and maintenance and they are awesome! Paul crew is the supervisor I always work with for the cleanings and he truly represents the company well. If you ever need your chutes cleaned make sure to ask for Paul and you will not be disappointed!”

5 Star Review

Mark Carpenter

“Paul and his crew did an excellent job with cleaning the trash chutes and main trash room.

They were very professional and caring on the property. We have 10 floors in this building and the chutes are sparkling clean and smell refreshing. Thank you guys for all your do.”

5 Star Review

Rosa Ashley Miles

“Ryan Smith and Chris serviced our trash chutes at our building. They were extremely professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend them anytime.”

5 Star Review

Kermit Weible

Commercial Trash Chutes Atlanta | Waste Equipment Supplier

Commercial Waste Management Services

Giant Enterprises is a trusted supplier for commercial trash chutes and waste management equipment. There are many industries from manufacturing to waste management that have the potential to generate foul and toxic fumes that can be harmful to you and your employees. Proper disposal and management of your waste will create better ventilation and provide a cleaner work environment that will not only be safer, but more enjoyable to work in.  Let Giant Enterprises take the foul odors away from your facility, so that you and your employees can have a better work environment!

Create A Cleaner, Odor-Free Environment With Our Commercial-Grade Trash Chutes

With years of experience in commercial waste and ventilation equipment, Giant Enterprises has become a go-to supplier for commercial trash chute services. Whether you’re looking to buy a trash chute, have one installed in your facility, or need on-site maintenance and repair services, our specialists can help. Giant Enterprises will set-up a new commercial-grade trash chute unit on your property that will completely change the environment of your site. Our chutes guarantee a cleaner, odor-free environment by strategically removing any foul smells and waste away from your property. If you’re unsure about the different ventilation and trash chute options we offer, feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to share as much information with our customers as we can. We’ll take into account the type of industry you’re in, the commercial property you have, and the many different features you might need to consider when installing a new unit.

We Offer a Variety of Services for your Trash Chutes

Installation & Sales

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