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Our odor control program is the best in the business and has effectively proven to many customers that offensive odors are NOT simply a way of life.

Trash Room Odor Control
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Complete Odor Control

When it comes to odor challenges, you have two choices (or three if you choose to do nothing); mask it with an air freshener, or get to the source of the problem and eliminate it. Our services eliminate odors by encapsulating the odor causing molecules and destroying them, instead of masking the odor.

Monthly Onsite Service

Giant Enterprises provides monthly onsite customized service to ensure your odor control systems are working to the fullest potential. Once in operation, the Giant Odor Control system is completely automatic, dispensing a fine mist of solution into the air in predetermined and regulated intervals. Areas prone to foul odors can include trash rooms, trash access rooms and compactor, elevators, dog wash rooms, etc.


Research has proven certain fragrances are effect at reducing stress, enhancing moods, and improving productivity on the job. Giant Enterprises provides ambient scenting to a wide range of businesses from Multi-residential properties, Health Care, Hotels, Office environments, and Spas by treating the air with a micro-mist solution.

Fresh Air

Ambient Scenting

Ambient Scenting is provided with systems serviced by our onsite technicians for continuous operation. This scent can change monthly, or by the season to enhance the environment of lobbies, leasing offices, restrooms, fitness centers, etc. Make your property the best it can be & stand out with memorable fragrances.

Did You Know?

93% of people say that a bad odor will negatively affect their impression of an organization.

63% of consumers are looking for fresh clean fragrances.

More than half of individuals will assume a property is dirty if it does not smell good.

We use Fragrances Made with Natural, Sustainably-Sourced Essential Oils

Don’t stop at just clean, augment your environment. We blend together fresh, clean scents with ingredients that improve overall mood to make your property memorable. Some of our most popular scents are:

Sparkling Lime

Lime Scent

Fresh Water

Fresh Water

Citrus High

Orange Scent

Marine Sawgrass

Lemongrass Scent

Seasonal Mull Spice


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Odor Control Treatment and Cleaning Service

Giant Enterprises will install a top quality treatment system to help control odors in your facility. We can help remove odors caused by trash chutes, mold, smoke, water and many other components that can cause an odor problem. We use equipment that doesn’t create a lot of noise, so your plant won’t be a nuisance to your neighbors. If you’re looking to install a new system, control an odor problem, or just want to learn more about the different services we offer, call us today!

The Best Customer Service in Atlanta, Georgia

Giant Enterprises’ team of air treatment experts will go above and beyond to ensure that you’re happy with your facility’s ventilation and equipment. If you’re unsure about any of the commercial treatment or equipment options that your company might need, we can send a a qualified technician to your site who can assess the facility and help you decide on the right treatment system for the job. We’ll even review your local laws and ordinances to determine whether a permit is needed in your district for your new equipment. If you’re looking for the best care in commercial air, you’ve come to the right place! Giant Enterprises is the gold standard for commercial air treatment!



The MicroSolve System works at the cellular level to break down and destroy odor-causing bacteria and molecules. A proprietary formula of natural ingredients proven to work for effectiveness immediately and over time is the key to the System. It’s non-toxic, non-hazardous and completely safe for human inhalation. Spray units timed to specific intervals are calibrated to dispense the MicroSolve formula in a fine mist, CFC-free and environmentally friendly, to provide an automatic, maintenance-free solution to any odor or scent challenge, large or small.

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