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Peachtree Corners Trash Chutes, Compactors and Odor Removal Management

We provide permanent solutions through professional trash disposal and odor control and removal systems. Make handling garbage a breeze all while keeping your building smelling fresh! Through expert installation, maintenance, and friendly service – Giant Enterprises is the one stop shop for complete odor removal solutions.

Odor Control Peachtree Corners

Odor Control & Ambient Scenting

Odor Removal, Deodorizing & Scent Control

Our services can eliminate and control odors by destroying the bacteria that create them. While other systems simply mask smells, much like perfume, our products wipe the air clean, removing any bad odors that may have been present. Once in operation, the Giant Odor Control system is completely automatic, dispensing a fine mist of deodorizer into the air in predetermined and regulated intervals, 24 hours a day.

Trash Chutes

The Best In Peachtree Corners for Trash Chutes, Odor Control, & Cleaning

We go above and beyond to ensure top quality control and safety for our trash chutes. Beginning with a pre-treatment of MicroSolve and a thorough pressure cleaning, our trash chutes are designed for long lasting, odor free use.

Trash Compactors

Trash Compactors

Dealing with waste is easy with a compactor. Trash compactors are key for odor control and removal. They can help eliminate offensive odors and are very helpful for saving space. Our expert technicians perform an inspection every six months to guarantee the performance of our compactors.

I have worked with Giant Enterprises on 3 of my properties and they have been amazing. Great product, great price and most of all they have impeccable customer service. Grier has gone above and beyond for me on several occasions and I love his professionalism.
Alisha S.
They provide trash chute repair and common area fragrance. Giant Enterprises is one of my most responsive vendors and I deal with over 100.
Beth F.
Great customer service, great folks
Theresa M.
Giant Enterprises has been an incredible partner to us. Starting with Grier, the team has been an absolute breeze to work with. They have provided us with a great aroma that makes our environments appealing to work in. Thank you to the whole team!
Joseph F.
I have really enjoyed working with Giant Enterprises at Emory Point. Grier is especially great to work with, he is so friendly and quick to respond. I would recommend them to anyone in need of a trash vendor, especially their scenting services.
Kelsey T.
Giants product is an awesome addition to our space. Great product and even better company to work with.
Patrick M.
We use Giant service for garbage shoot cleaning and repairs; and scent. We highly recommend them.
Millie M.
Great customer service and always professional for their services I use within the 18 story office building I manage.
Jansen T.
Giant Enterprises always makes repairs & cleans our Trash Chute Annually. We have a 12 story building and they always do a great job!
Julie E.

We Do It All!

We are a one stop shop for trash management and odor control. Not only do we install trash chutes and compactors for a number of different property types, we also provide cleaning and repair service to ensure proper performance.

Monthly On-site Service

We provide full on-site service monthly for scenting and odor control systems. Our friendly and helpful technicians refill and maintain the odor eliminator system on property to keep your property smelling fresh, clean and odor-free!

Extensive Record of Dependable Service

When you need help, we’ve got your back! If you have an issue with a trash chute or need trash compactor repair, please contact us and we will work to provide service as fast as we can. Service is our business!

Client Satisfaction

At Giant Enterprises, client satisfaction is our #1 goal. Our team strives to provide outstanding service each and every day. We are grateful beyond words to have earned the trust of so many loyal customers.

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